General Surgery Didactics

The educational program employs a variety of methods to foster learning in basic science and clinical knowledge as well as the general competencies endorsed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). These include by are not necessarily limited to the following protected didactic educational experiences:

  1. Weekly Surgical Grand Rounds
  2. Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Conference
  3. Daily Clinical and Basic Science Lectures and Conferences
  4. General Surgery Journal Club
  5. General Surgery Tumor Board

Residents also participate in a variety of informal teaching experiences including bedside rounds, outpatient clinics and operative procedures under the direct supervision of highly dedicated teaching faculty. We believe that a self-motivated and self-directed approach to continuing education and lifelong learning is incumbent upon all qualified and dedicated professionals. In order to cultivate these skills and provide a structure for independent study throughout the training program, all residents are provided with written objectives as well as a comprehensive surgical textbook. All residents are expected to actively pursue and remain abreast of the current literature as it pertains to patients under their direct care. To facilitate this type of in-depth study, all resident have uninterrupted access to the on-site medical library with full copying privileges.

Following is an example of the current teaching conference schedule. A yearly schedule is published and distributed in June for the upcoming academic year.


  • Colon and Rectal Surgery - meets the 1st Monday of every month. Conferences are given by attendings, fellows, and residents.
  • Thoracic Surgery – meets the 4th month of every month and is presented by the resident on the thoracic surgery service.
  • Journal Club - meets the 3rd Monday of every month. Articles are chosen and presented by a senior resident and are discussed with various members of the attending staff. All residents are expected to participate in the discussion.
  • Tumor Board - This conference meets every Wednesday. This is a multidisciplinary conference led by a surgical oncologist. A senior resident coordinates this conference, and all residents are expected to submit and present any tumor cases from the prior week for discussion.


  • Surgical Morbidity and Mortality - meets every Tuesday with the 4th Tuesday of the month dedicated to trauma M & M. This conference is coordinated by the SICU senior resident. Residents are expected to report all complications for discussion and all teaching faculty in the Department of Surgery are expected to be present.
  • Grand Rounds - This conference meets the 1st and 4th Tuesday of every month following the morbidity and mortality conference. The first Tuesday is dedicated to a visiting professor and the fourth Tuesday is trauma grand rounds.
  • Resident Administrative Meeting – This meeting is for all residents to meet with the program director to address any issues and make any announcements. This meeting is run by the Chief Resident.


  • Anatomy – 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. This is lead by the 3rd year residents and consists of one classroom presentation and another cadaveric dissection in the anatomy lab. This lecture is proctored by faculty with interest in each specific organ system
  • Surgical Learning Center – This meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in the Surgical Learning Center. The curriculum covers basic skills, such as knot tying and suturing to advanced laparoscopy and simulated trauma resuscitation


  • SCORE curriculum - This conference meets every Thursday. Each week one topic from the American College of Surgeons SCORE curriculum is discussed. Each resident is expected to have read the assigned topics and be prepared to discuss each in depth. This conference is lead by a different resident each week which gives all residents the opportunity for teaching and presentation


  • Pediatric Surgery Conference - This conference meets the 1st Friday of every month and is presented by the 3rd year pediatric surgery resident. The pediatric attending surgeons are present for discussion.
  • Critical Care Conference - This conference meets the 2nd Friday of every month and is presented by the ICU senior. Surgical intensivists are present for discussion.
  • Vascular Conference - This conference meets the 3rd Friday of every month and is presented by the senior resident on the Vascular Service. Vascular attending surgeons as well as interventional radiologists are present for discussion.
  • Thoracic Surgery Conference - This conference meets the 4th Friday of every month and is presented by the thoracic surgery senior resident. The thoracic attending surgeons are present for discussion.

Beaumont is an institutional member of the Southeastern Michigan Continuing Medical Education (SEMCME) which includes many residency programs in the Detroit Area. Through this SEMCME residents are able to participate in a bi-weekly teleconferenced lecture on basic science given by expert surgeons from around the Detroit area. The in-training examination (ABSITE) is given each January, and is administered to residents of all levels of training. A mock-oral examination is held each spring for all residents and is performed in the style of the oral certifying examination.